Quanzhou Li



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I'm an Intern Game Engine Developer at Archosaur Games, Beijing. I graduated from University of Toronto with High Distinction in 2020. From Mar. 2020 to Mar. 2021, I was a research assistant in the People, AI, & Robots. Research Group at University of Toronto, under the supervision of Prof. Animesh Garg. I also spent two years at Beihang University, China, before I transferred to U of T in 2018.

My research interests lie in computer vision and computer graphics.

Research Projects

Learning by Watching: Physical Imitation of Manipulation Skills from Human Videos

Haoyu Xiong, Quanzhou Li, Yun-Chun Chen, Homanga Bharadhwaj, Samrath Sinha, Animesh Garg

IROS 2021

In this paper we develop a perception module that learns to translate human videos to the robot domain followed by keypoint detection learned in an unsupervised fashion. The key insight of our method lies in explicitly exploiting the kinematics and motion information embedded in the video to learn structured representations.

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